The Rostov-on-Don branch of ICA

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About Rostov-on-Don branch

On 14th of March 2017 Rostov-on-Don branch of ICAC was opened. The main aim of the branch is to make the ICAC arbitration closer to business at the South of Russia and its foreign partners.

Parties of disputes receive in Rostov-on-Don branch all the benefits of ICAC arbitration:
Efficiency of dispute resolution
Privacy of disputes and arbitration documents
The right to elect arbitrators
Binding character of arbitration decisions in Russia and abroad
Arbitration decision enforcement mechanism
To hear the dispute in Rostov branch of ICAC parties should write down the arbitration clause /examples You can find here :

Arbitration clause

Rostov-on-Don, Ave Kirovsky,
40A, 3rd floor

+7 (863) 294 99 87
+7 (863) 268 76 29



The International Commercial Arbitration Court (ICAC) at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

The International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (the ICAC at the RF CCI) is an independent permanent arbitration institution.
The ICAC is the leading arbitration institution in Russia and in East European countries which deals with resolving disputes of international nature. It is the successor to the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission (FTAC), legislatively created in 1932.
The legal status of the ICAC is determined by:

  • the Law of the Russian Federation No 5338-1 dated 07.07.1993 “On International Commercial Arbitration” (based on the UNCITRAL Model Law of 1985 as amended);
  • the Statute of the ICAC as appended to the Law as Annex 1; and
  • the Federal Law No 382-FZ dated 29.12.2015, “On Arbitration (Arbitral Proceedings) in the Russian Federation”.

Since 27 January 2017 the new Rules and Regulations of the ICAC came into effect in accordance with the new Russian legislation on arbitration. Since that date the ICAC also administers arbitrations of internal disputes, as well as specialized cases such as corporate and sports disputes (both internal and international).
In addition, the ICAC administers arbitrations of other disputes in cases provided by international treaties or by operation of internal Russian law.
Apart from that, the ICAC performs necessary functions related to administering ad hoc arbitrations.

More information about ICAC
ICAC web-site
Valeria Yeleva
Head of CCI of Russian
Federation Division
Executive Secretary of the ICAC
in Rostov-on-Don